Diana Brewster 09-05-2016

Diana Brewster

I’m a person of wide experience and interests. I have worked with Web technologies, especially WordPress, for many years, as well as print production. My art education has trained me to recognize the value of good design in communication, and my philosophy education has trained me to think clearly and look for reasonable solutions. My social work education has trained me to listen carefully and compassionately, and strive to ask the right questions in order to help us both make good decisions, and to find the most effective approach to a problem. I like to do research, and I like to learn new things, and to understand other things more deeply. I bring a diverse and complementary set of talents to your project.

I bring to your project my ability to listen carefully to your needs and requirements.
I bring knowledge about how different types of people use the Web.
I bring understanding of search engine optimization.
I bring analytical skills.
I bring language craftsmanship.
I bring an aesthetic sense of simplicity and clarity in communication.
I bring an artistic background.
I bring desire for your project’s success.