Speak Language CenterI’ve been working with Christina Ball of Speak! Language Center for over a year, and I helped her launch B-Speak!, a new online course website for improving English language skills.

Christina realized that her main website should be responsive and look more up-to-date like her B-Speak! website, so her potential and existing customers could navigate it using mobile devices. Because trying to adapt an existing theme to be responsive is a risky, difficult, and time-consuming task, I researched several themes that were suitable, and we agreed on using the well-designed and well-supported Genesis-based Education Pro theme. There was a different theme that she was attracted to, but when I looked at the code for that site I immediately found an error (a non-existent CSS class that had been misspelled, and had been in the theme for many revisions) so I knew it was not a properly coded theme. Any integrated development environment would have immediately flagged such code, so I knew the developer wasn’t following professional software development practices. Some themes may look fair, and smell foul. This is another way I help protect my clients from choices that will be costly to them in the future.

To launch the new website I created a Child Theme for her theme customizations, something that hadn’t been done for her previous website. Not creating a child theme for a site that needs to customize original theme files is simply a negligent practice, as it prevents one from updating the underlying theme code. All good and well-supported WordPress themes issue updates periodically, as bugs are fixed, new features are added, and code is better aligned with the development and capabilities of WordPress.

Among the many things I did in order to launch the new website:

  • I optimized and edited images,
  • customized the color scheme,
  • re-formatted the logo to suit the new theme,
  • helped craft content to enhance SEO,
  • and helped Christina learn the new features.