I had fun designing posters for Girls Rock Asheville. I wanted to make posters that reflect the energy, exuberance, and strength of the Girls Rock program. They are very busy, but I am hoping they are eye-catching and still clear about the information needed: what, where, when. I used Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to make these designs.

Tabloid size, full color

Girls Rock Asheville 2015 color poster

Girls Rock Asheville 2015 tabloid size full color poster

Tabloid size, black & white

Girls Rock Asheville 2015 B&W poster

Girls Rock Asheville 2015 tabloid size black and white poster

Letter size print-at-home flyer

Girls Rock Asheville print-at-home color flyer

Girls Rock Asheville 2015 print-at-home color flyer

Instagram image

Girls Rock Asheville 2015 Instagram Image

I also had the pleasure of adding the music soundtrack to the promotional video for Girls Rock Asheville! For this I listened to a set of MP3 recordings from last year’s showcase concert. As I listened, I noted what section I liked best about the piece, and how I might use it in the video, which I received as a Quicktime video file. I made notes of what sections of the video needed music, and for how long, and then edited the tracks using Audacity. That was a first for me, and the process was fun and intuitive. I also edited some of the titles in the movie, as they needed to be changed, and I also boosted the existing recorded voice tracks, as they were too low. I used iMovie for this, and I was frustrated by the latest version, which is quite dumbed-down from previous years, where there were more sophisticated and specific controls. I’d really like to learn to use Adobe Premier, and learn video editing!