Decorating my SEO post with some forsythiaI recently created an SEO report for a client, to give her more information about how her website was performing for search engines, and to give her some practical guidance in what she could do to improve her search engine ranking. I have removed all identifying data from this report, including her name, her type of business, and her location, so I can show you the kind of information you might need to improve your business website performance. If you’re learning about SEO, you might enjoy reading this report.

PDF: SEO review for a client

For some clients, I would also include information about their theme design and content, but she already has a well-chosen and well-designed theme, and has given thought to the crafting of her homepage content. However, as you’ll see in my report, the search engines would like a higher content-to-code ratio on her homepage. Well-designed WordPress themes try not to clutter up the template HTML with code that doesn’t have to be there, but some plugins can contribute to the problem.