WordPress logoI will create a comprehensive report on the condition of your WordPress website, addressing code, SEO, features, and appearance. I’ll listen carefully to your concerns and questions, so I understand your goals for your website. I’ll set up a secure copy of your site on my computer, using an output of your database and complete files.

  • I’ll apply all software updates, to assess if your site can be safely updated to current versions of WordPress, the parent theme (if applicable), and plugins.
  • I’ll examine your database, to see what changes may have been made to it.
  • I’ll carefully inspect your theme files and customizations, to understand what’s been done.
  • I’ll produce a well-written, detailed report about my findings.
  • I’ll address any specific issues you have.
  • I’ll invite you to a screen-sharing demonstration, so you’ll understand what I’ve found.
  • I’ll offer sensible and affordable recommendations on what can be done to improve the condition of your website.

Depending on the complexity and depth of your site, and your needs for the report, I usually charge between $100 and $300. I can complete this work within 2 to 4 days. You’ll have a document and an understanding of your site’s condition that you can present to others, or use in your own planning.

I can also offer an estimate on specific services for your website.

Here’s an example of a report for a client that only addresses SEO.
PDF: SEO review for a client